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See you on the other side!

In August 2015, Red Carousel joined forces with Little House of Dreams (Dreams Establishment Pte Ltd). Please visit us at and for all your cake, desserts and celebration needs. Thank you for all your support past and present. 


Red more about the merger here



Upcycle Tin Cans: Quick tutorial


My daughter Ivy is turning 7 soon and we have started to make some of the decorations for the party. These are some old tin cans we have decorated with decoupage, to match the party theme colours of pink and aqua. The cans can be used to hold things like straws, cutlery and flowers. 


Decoupage is the art of embellishing an object by gluing paper cutouts onto it, to give a painterly appearance. I remember doing quite a bit of decoupage as a teenager – using the old fashioned technique of applying paper cutouts, then many coats of varnish and sanding in between. This process would take weeks (lots of drying time). But here I’ll show you the quick version using mod podge and napkins. 


My daughter enjoyed getting involved with some aspects of this project, particularly the painting. Do be careful with kids though – as scissors and sharp edges from the tin can be a hazzard.cans_steps




Empty tin cans (make sure there aren’t any protruding sharp edges that could cause injury)

Acrylic paint



Mod Podge (matte finish) – from stores such as Spotlight and Art Friend

Small nail scissors

Napkins with images suitable for decoupage 




1. Get your materials together

2. Using the paint brush paint the can with the acrylic paint. We did three coats of paint, allowing each layer to dry before applying the next layer. 

3. Use the sponge to dab the wet paint to give it a nice texture

4. Cut out images from napkin. Separate the napkin layers, keeping the top layer where the image is visible.

5. Once the paint is dry, apply some mod podge to the surface of the tin and carefully stick on the napkin image. Dab the image gently with your clean fingers to make it adhere to the tin, making sure you don’t drag the image – it can distort easily.

6. With a clean brush, carefully dab some mod podge on the image and the rest of the can to seal in the image and paint. You may wish to give the can a couple more coats of mod podge to finish off. 

Latest Cakes, Photoshoots and Party Styling

It’s been a busy few weeks at Red Carousel. Twins Brooklyn and Geraint, celebrated their first birthdays with a Sakura theme. I had a lot of fun making the cute Japanese Kokeshi Little Hayley celebrated her first birthday too. Firstly, with a cake smash photoshoot with The Studio Loft and then a Hungry Caterpillar party. The ladies over at The Studio Loft are great to work with and their photography is beautiful – they took my family photos recently. We created a pink rainbow cake and styled the set with donut shaped balloons and customised tassels. hayley cake smash.jpg

photo 8
And here’s the Hungry Caterpillar cake, cookies and dessert table Red Carousel created. We also designed the save the date, invitation and other printables to suit the theme. I love setting up at the gorgeous Pollen restaurant, it’s a beautiful backdrop for a party.


hungry_caterpillar_cookies_sm hungrycaterpillarparty_sm hungrycaterpillarparty2 hungrycaterpillarparty5_smI also made Hayley this Hello Kitty Pinata for another little party she was having at home. Made quite simply with cardboard, crepe paper, a hot glue gun, ribbons and some coloured paper. 

hello_kitty_pinataAnd lastly, we just made this carousel cake for Ryouna. This one took quite a bit of planning to get right. I was pretty happy with the way it turned out. 





Colour in Cookies Tutorial



Happy Easter everyone! I have a very quick tutorial to show you, for what I am calling ‘Colour In Cookies’.


I made a gift for a friend and her family and they loved it. So I am sharing it with you all. I think it would make a great gift or just a fun baking activity for kids. My kids had lots of fun with them. 

Here are the basic steps.

1. Make some sugar cookies and cut out with cookie cutters. There’s lots of recipes for ‘sugar cookies’ on the internet. 
2. Cover with fondant and allow to air dry for about an hour or two.
3. Using cake decorating tools or utensils found around the house, create a pattern or image to colour in. 
4. Get your ‘edible ink pens’ ready.
5. Get the kids coloring.
6. Admire the handiwork.
7. Eat.

Latest cakes and cookies

Being a bit of a girly girl, naturally I loved working on these floral cookies for a baby shower. All the flowers were handmade. Quite time consuming but it was a fun process. I can’t wait to show off this amazing baby shower that a friend of mine put together. Just wow, that is all. 


This cookies and cake set was a pleasure to make too. The trickiest part was geting the teal colour right. The client gave me the invitation to work with and I had to match the colours. The teal was achieved with a mixture of Wilton cornflour blue, dark teal and sky blue (white fondant). 

Sassy Mama Awards 2014 WINNER!


A few weeks back, a friend texted me to congratulate Red Carousel’s win…my response was “what win?”…unbeknownst to me, Red Carousel had been voted “Best party shop for planning and supplies” in Singapore by Sassy Mama readers! And to think I didn’t even have to bribe anyone! hehe…


Well I can say that it was a really wonderful surprise! I’m totally blown away by all the support we have received in the short time we have been in business (9 months). Red Carousel has gone from strength to strength, not just with the online shop, but in all areas. Great news is we will keep expanding the product offerings in the shop and in our props hire section. We will continue to fill up the shelves of Monday’s Off, our new stockist in Haji Lane Singapore. Our sell-out cake decorating classes has expanded with the addition of Cake Pops courses. But sadly it means we have to say no to a lot of cake, dessert table and party styling enquiries, since we can only take on a very limited number of bookings – there’s only so much one woman can do! Which leads me to another topic…


I need an admin assistant. Soon! So I am on the hunt if anyone wishes to contact me about job opportunities, please email Singaporean or PR status required. 


In June we will be celebrating Red Carousel’s first birthday, which can only mean one thing…Party time! And…a new website! Oh yes, that is in the works too. I plan to shut the online shop for a week or two in May to make this all happen…so be forewarned. If you need pretty party supplies during May, do your shopping early! 


Thank you everyone, really, thank you! It’s been a lot of hard work, but so worth it! I’ve had the time of my life. I’ve loved working with/for an amazing bunch of people and really looking forward to the projects coming up. Thanks again x


Firefighter theme cake


This was our first ‘Firefighter’ themed cake and it was a pleasure to make! Adil and Nadrah’s mum wanted two ‘hummingbird’ flavour cakes for the joint party. I used rice krispie treats for the inside of the fire engine, making it all edible. This was a mixture of rice krispies, butter and marshmallows. I shaped it in a rectangle and then covered it with fondant. It worked surprisingly well and tasted pretty yummy! I tried new facial features for the figurine and paid particular attention to the eyes and mouth.
We were also asked to provide some matching cookies and decorations – the big balloons and tassel worked well with the theme colours. A few other items were hired from us too, such as the drinks dispenser, table cloth, wooden tray and cookie jars. 
Adil Nadrah_party