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I love this dramatic colour scheme. The red, blue and black combination is perfect for a magic themed party. Aydin’s 3rd birthday dessert table was put together by the talented Debbi from Studio Cake. Debbi made all the beautiful sweets. Create this look with decorations and partyware from Red Carousel. 

1. Favour bags   2. Cupcake toppers   3. Baking Cups   4. Wooden teaspoons  

5. Paper Straws    6. Paper plates

I’ve always loved rice paper lanterns, in home decor and for party decorations. At Red Carousel we stock nine vibrant colours, 12 inches in size. They’re so simple and inexpensive, but they can make a huge impact. Decorating lanterns are ever so easy – a lovely party craft project that the kids can get involved with too. Here’s how I decorated my lanterns…

Material and equipment:

A lantern

Fabric glue that dries clear

A paintbrush


Scrap fabric 

Twine, optional

1. Cut the fabric pieces out with scissors

2. Apply glue to the back of the fabric

3. Place fabric into position on the lantern

4. Brush a layer of glue on top of the fabric

5. Allow to dry. Done! 

Here are some other gorgeous paper lantern tutorials I found on the internet, which may inspire you. 

1. A Casarella  2. Green Wedding Shoes 3. Oh Happy Day 

4. You had me at bonjour 5. Martha Stewart

I only announced the winner from our first giveaway celebrating 500+ likes yesterday and today we hit 1000 likes. Thank you so much! Come and join the facebook party here  

Most Australians would be familiar with the chocolate sauce called ‘Ice Magic’, available in supermarkets. Thinking about it brings back a lot of fun childhood memories for me. It’s a sauce that quickly hardens into a crispy shell when poured onto a cold surface such as ice cream.  A similar product would be Magic Shell. 

It’s a super fun treat for kids parties! I’ve included a homemade recipe here, which is delicious and healthier than the store bought versions. This recipe uses coconut oil, an oil touted for its nutritional qualities (everything in moderation of course).

Homemade ‘Ice Magic’ Chocolate Shell Sauce (for thermomix and stovetop) A delicious chocolate shell sauce, works perfectly with ice cream. 200g block of dark chocolate, broken into cubes Pour the coconut oil into the thermomix jug. Heat at 50 degrees for 1 minute, speed 1. Add the chocolate pieces and stir at 50 degrees for 4-5 mins speed 1, or until all melted. Add a pinch of salt if desired. Pour the coconut oil into a small saucepan. Heat on very low for 1 minute, stirring occassionally. Add the chocolate pieces and stir for 4-5 mins until all melted. Add a pinch of salt if desired. Dark chocolate can be replaced with milk or white chocolate. Try adding flavouring such as mint, banana, caramel etc. Chocolate shell sauce should be stored in a jar or squeeze bottle, in the cupboard. In cold weather, the sauce may harden. To bring back the sauce to a liquid consistency, reheat in microwave. Red Carousel Blog

This sauce would make an awesome homemade gift, especially in an ice cream decorating kit like I have put together below. I’ve packaged some Kit Kat wafers, Smarties and toasted almonds in plastic bottles from the Red Carousel shop. To complete the kit, I’ve added some Candy Cups, Wooden Ice cream Spoons, a gift tag and twine – all available from our online shop. 

Yum, I know what we’re having for dessert tonight! 

It’s really busy today at the Red Carousel HQ. In between working on a big project for a magazine (can’t say anymore than that), I’m packing orders and finishing off a cupcake order (last week’s Workspace Wednesday). Nothing like a bit of stress to keep things interesting! 

This morning I was at the post office first thing, collecting the delivery of Tassel Garland Kits from The Flair Exchange. I couldn’t wait to open the box! I wasn’t disappointed either – the colours are gorgeous, and we have all ten styles in stock. The kits are put together really well, making the job of tassel garland creation a cinch. The tissue paper is already cut, ready to assemble.  I’ll definitely be incorporating these right-on-trend party decorations into my next events. I will also have to schedule in a time to do a tutorial for you all on the blog. We also sell the giant balloons which work perfectly with the tassels. Here are some lovely images to get you inspired… 

1. Amy Atlas  2. Geronimo Balloons 3. Pottery Barn Blog 4. Hostess with the Mostess 

5. The Tomkat Studio 6. Geronimo Balloons

I’m borrowing the “Workspace Wednesday” idea off Fellow Fellow and Studio Calico – I love the insight into other people’s creative spaces. 

This is what I’m working on at the moment. Cute little faces to be used as cupcake toppers. They are being made to look like kids and teachers in a class. The cupcakes are for the class’ graduation day. Too sweet!

Welcome and thank you for reading my very first blog post!

For the past 6 months, I have been busy toiling away developing my new online party boutique, Red Carousel. I’ve spent many hours in front of a computer screen; designing party printables, curating the best collection of products and putting together the website – all to help you party in style! It’s been so much fun choosing all the new stock for the shop, I’ve been like a kid in a candy store. I think I’ve finally (after many cups of coffee and sleepless nights) found the perfect balance of products to open shop with – and it’s only going to grow from here.

From where I’m standing, it’s a rainbow of colours and everything is oh-so charming. There are pretty balloons, vintage paper straws, perfectly coordinated tableware, designer cupcake liners, vibrant party printables, polka dots everywhere! It’s all fun, beautiful and very inspiring.

I’ve also spent some time behind the camera, styling and taking lots of photos. My creative side has been in overdrive! My biggest excitement, however, is helping my customers plan their special celebrations. I already have a couple of party styling projects coming up, which I’m really excited about.

While you’re browsing online, feel free to check out Red Carousel’s facebook page and blog frequently. I’ll showcase different party and craft ideas, helpful if you’re looking for something different or inspiring; tutorials, recipes, tips and advice to help you navigate the confusing party-planning process and party projects you’re going to love.

You’ll also find my personal loves too: handmade hobbies like sewing, crochet, cake decorating and children’s crafts featured pretty regularly as well. Every now and then, you may even find random insights into my daily life and a behind the scenes look at what goes on around here too.

I hope you enjoy the blog. Do let me know you’ve been to visit, I’d love to hear from you!

Ps. I’ve had people ask me about why the name Red Carousel. Basically I wanted a word that represented things such as “fun”, “playful”, “childhood” and “party”. The red and white are the colours of the Singaporean flag