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Colour in Cookies Tutorial – Red Carousel Blog

Happy Easter everyone! I have a very quick tutorial to show you, for what I am calling ‘Colour In Cookies’.

I made a gift for a friend and her family and they loved it. So I am sharing it with you all. I think it would make a great gift or just a fun baking activity for kids. My kids had lots of fun with them. 

Here are the basic steps.

1. Make some sugar cookies and cut out with cookie cutters. There’s lots of recipes for ‘sugar cookies’ on the internet.  2. Cover with fondant and allow to air dry for about an hour or two. 3. Using cake decorating tools or utensils found around the house, create a pattern or image to colour in.  4. Get your ‘edible ink pens’ ready. 5. Get the kids coloring. 6. Admire the handiwork.

7. Eat.