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Latest Red Carousel work: Sanaa's First Birthday – Red Carousel Blog

Hi there! It’s been a little while since I logged in. Things have been rather hectic! I’ve been busy with the shop and also very busy making parties pretty!

I just received the photos back from a recent party and dessert table I styled. It was my first job for a customer. Payal approached me months ago, before I even started Red Carousel. She had seen what I did with my daughters’ parties last year and dreamt of having a similar dessert table for her own daughter. After a brief discussion, we came up with a theme (bird house/garden) and off I went! I had a lot of fun putting this girly party together – from the custom designed invitation to the party decor, to the desserts. Payal and her husband were thrilled with the results,  which makes me really happy!!! I pulled it off, phew

Just got word from the wonderful people over at The Party Pail  that we received the “Best Decorations” award! How sweet! Thank you guys, much appreciated. Glad you like Red Carousel’s work.