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It’s been really exciting working for Young Parents Magazine again. They comissioned me to create a three part ‘recycled craft’ series. The January edition was Chinese New Year Inspired, with hobby horse, pineapple rattle and a fish lolly box. February was about Valentines Day, where I made heart crayons, a candle holder and paper heart decorations. The March edition, which was just released, included crafts for kid’s bedroom interiors.  

The team at Young Parents are uber professional and I loved how the photos turned out. Great to see our ideas come to life. And of course a huge thrill to see it all in print! 

I am finally getting around to posting the photos of Ivy’s 6th birthday party and a little write up. You can see more images here on facebook.

We had a great afternoon, with lots of guests. Our generous friends gave us free reign of their big back yard for the party, as I wanted a garden to fit in with the Little Red Riding Hood theme. Guests commented that it felt like a carnival with the crowd and all the different ‘stations’ – we had a manned hot dog stand, a jumping castle, face painting and tattoos, balloon sculpting, a craft room and the food area. As suspected, the Singapore weather wreaked havoc with my outdoor plans. It threatened to rain all morning and then an hour before the party, there was a downpour. Then it stopped raining…and became hot! Really really hot! Boy, were we all sweaty…

Now about the theme – Little Red Riding Hood was a fun theme to work with. Red is an easy colour to find decorations for and I paired it with white and green as the secondary colours. It was a good unisex theme with lots of creative options to play with.

Dessert Table:

I gave the dessert table a bit of a woodland feel, with the backdrop, trees and burlap tablecloth. I made the rag bunting from fat quarters sold at Spotlight. The bunting is simply made with a rotary blade to cut the strips and then tied evenly to a rope. So easy and striking. Most of the presentation items and props you see are available for rent from us in Singapore.

This year, I decided I didn’t have to be a matyr and enlisted some help! Partners in Cake made the adorable cookies and I dressed them up with the packaging (tissue paper, cello bags and ribbon). Cute hey?! Very popular with the kids!

Toffee apples…remember these as a little kid? My husband was so excited when I had a brain wave to make these the night before. Recipe here. 

The cake…I made a chocolate fudge cake which withstood the heat thankfully. Good old fondant! I had fun giving the cake a little bit of a vintage feel with the wallpapered house, peeking grandmother, bunting and muted colours. 

Little jars filled with hard candy – these disappeared very quickly. I purchased the candy in bulk and put them in the jars (from Daiso). 
Kit Kats wrapped with custom wrappers designed by moi.

Below – drink bottles decorated with lace tape and straw toppers. Drink bottles wrapped with cutom water bottle wrappers (from our LRRH printables collection).

I made the cupcakes and Partners in Cake made the toppers.

Party favours filled with Little Red Riding Hood finger puppets and other cute nic nacs. Handmade party hats. 

Decorations available from Red Carousel shop. 

Jumping castle from Bouncy Castles in Singapore. Playhouse for hire from Red Carousel. 

Handmade Pinata

My husband, the big bad wolf!


Concept, design and styling by Red Carousel. Party props and decorations available for sale and hire from Red Carousel including handmade fabric bunting, tablecloth, drinks dispensers, platters, backdrop, paper decorations and balloons ( Cake and a selection of desserts by Red Carousel. Cookies and cupcake toppers by Partners in Cake. Kids tables and chairs by Party Whizz. Jumping castle by Bouncy Castles. Photography by Allen Chong. Little Red Riding Hood party printables here:

{images via pinterest}

I have a thing for paper decorations. I have an even bigger thing for handmade paper decorations. How lovely do these paper fans look, especially for a party? Really easy too. They can be time consuming to make if you want to create a wall of them…but they’re so worth it! Of course, if you don’t have the time or inclination, you can hop on over to our shop and check out the tissue paper fans  we have there (we’re getting in different sizes and more colours very soon). 

I’m creating a whole bunch of fans for a party I’m styling next week, so I thought I would do a tutorial whilst I am at it. 

There’s a couple of ways to make these fans, but here I will show you how I make them. I will also show you some tools I use, to make the whole process quicker and easier. You don’t need to invest in the tools, but they do help if you plan to make a lot. 

What you will need: 

1. Paper: Scrapbook paper comes in mostly 12 inch x 12 inch, in a whole array of colours and patterns. For a small 6 inch fan, you will need one 12 inch x 12 inch piece of paper. For the larger 12 inch fans, you will need three pieces of paper. You will also need a small bit of paper for the centre.

2. Scoring board – optional. This one is by Martha Stewart, I love it! It makes folding the fans so easy. It’s also great for other things like making your own envelopes, invitations and gift boxes. 

3. Hot glue gun

4. Paper punch – optional. This is used to cut the centre of the fan. You could use this round shape or any other shape, such as scallop or butterfly etc. You can use scissors instead of a punch but it won’t be as precise. 

5. Scissors

6. Double sided sticky tape. Not necessary as you could use the hot glue gun but I find this a nice way to join the pieces of paper. 

7. Guillotine (with blade and scoring blade) or exacto knifeand self healing mat

Here is how to make the small 6 inch fan:

1. Place the 12 inch x 12 inch piece of paper on the scoring board. At the end of the paper there is a little excess which can be cut away (next image). I score in 1 inch intervals. If you don’t have the mat, you can either score with the guillotine scoring blade, or skip the scoring altogether and just fold. 

2. Cut the piece of paper in half and then half again (lengthwise). Therefore you should have four pieces of paper 4 inches x 12 inches. Make sure the scoring lines are running horizontal as shown. Note: To make the larger 12 inch fans, you would just slice three pieces of paper in half, giving you 6 pieces. 

3. Start folding in an accordion style. Fold the paper 1 inch (where you have scored the first line). Then turn the paper over and fold the next 1 inch. Keep folding in this manner until you reach the end. Fold all four strips of paper the same way. 

4. Use double sided sticky tape or the hot glue gun to connect the four strips together into a circle as shown.  5. Push down the fan flat. You need to try and keep it flat and tight whilst you glue the centre on. This can be a little tricky if you don’t have anyone else to help. I use a 6 inch cake pan to help keep the fan and in position. 

6. Use the paper punch to punch out a centre for your fan.  7. Apply the hot glue to the back of the circle. 

8. Glue the circle to the fan, postioning it in the centre. Turn over the fan and do the same to the other side, as this will make the fan much more stable. 

9. Optional step. You may like to make your fans more decorative by using a lace edge paper punch. After Step 2, punch the lace pattern in the paper as shown. Then proceed as normal.  You may like to decorate the centre of your fans with buttons, doilies, paper flowers etc. Happy crafting! 

We love paper punches here at Red Carousel! They make party crafting that much easier and neater! We have the circle punch in two sizes – 2.25 inches and 2.5 inches – and the scallop circle punch in 2.5 inches. 

The circle punches are very useful. They allow you to make beautiful garlands in no time! Also great for cutting out our printable cupcake toppers. Here are some ideas and tutorials.

1. Hambly Screen Prints

2. You are my fave

3. Maie Dae

4. Hey Gorgeous Events

5. Cricut

6. Red Carousel

I tried my hand at making a pinata this week, for Ivy’s 6th birthday party. Not a bad effort, right?

I followed the tutorial from here. But instead of using a balloon, I used a rice paper lantern from our shop. I wrapped the lantern all over with glue and strips of newspaper, as per the paper mache tutorial. The top was left open, so that I could remove the wire once the glue dried. Then I covered the opening, painted pinata with acrylic red paint, decorated with tissue paper and strung it up with the metal hooks already there. The leaf is made of paper and the branch is made of felt (both contain a bit of wire inside to hold them up).

Looking forward to filling the pinata up with goodies for the kids. My daughter loves them!

I’ve always loved rice paper lanterns, in home decor and for party decorations. At Red Carousel we stock nine vibrant colours, 12 inches in size. They’re so simple and inexpensive, but they can make a huge impact. Decorating lanterns are ever so easy – a lovely party craft project that the kids can get involved with too. Here’s how I decorated my lanterns…

Material and equipment:

A lantern

Fabric glue that dries clear

A paintbrush


Scrap fabric 

Twine, optional

1. Cut the fabric pieces out with scissors

2. Apply glue to the back of the fabric

3. Place fabric into position on the lantern

4. Brush a layer of glue on top of the fabric

5. Allow to dry. Done! 

Here are some other gorgeous paper lantern tutorials I found on the internet, which may inspire you. 

1. A Casarella  2. Green Wedding Shoes 3. Oh Happy Day 

4. You had me at bonjour 5. Martha Stewart